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It is mid-May and the carnival-goers are happy, because on the banks of the Rhine it is time to ring in the fifth season and to open the carnival season in Düsseldorf. The biennial festival offers a unique opportunity to listen to Germany's most popular music from the best bands and artists in the world. There is a variety of music styles, from jazz, classical, folk, rock, jazz and classical to classical music, dance and even a bit of jazz.

In addition, festival-goers will have the opportunity to return to the atmosphere of the past with the old-fashioned carnival atmosphere and traditional music. For this reason, many visitors also come to the festival, which is one of several periodicals that regularly appear in the magazine "Düsseldorfer Feste" and is available in all magazines.

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The Detective's GPS Treasure Hunt is a team building event where participants have the opportunity to discover the sights and attractions of the city.

This event will give you the opportunity to get to know the rich cultural traditions of the city and the region. In the old town, a huge street carnival takes place, where locals and visitors dance together in fancy dress. Everyone, from children to seniors, takes part in this festival, wearing colourful costumes and joining the procession through the city centre.

When you move or travel abroad, you get to know locals and expats, meet other global minds in the city where you live and never feel foreign. Take the opportunity to have fun together or just socialize at this great get-together in Düsseldorf.

Other popular events include the Düsseldorf International Film Festival, the Berlin International Music Festival and the Berlin International Film Festival.

Another outstanding and unforgettable experience in Düsseldorf is the immersive crime scene investigation experience that customers love. The Youth Parade for Children on 22 February is a must - for children and young people from all over the world.

On the banks of the Rhine, locals and visitors alike sing, dance and celebrate the countless carnival events that take place during the festive season. The parade includes fully decorated floats and thousands of people in fancy dress marching through the city centre on foot. The Düsseldorf Carnival takes place every year in the summer months from the first day of August to the end of September. The festival is one of the most popular children's and youth festivals in Germany and now attracts over four million visitors annually.

The city of Düsseldorf offers a wide range of accommodation options, ranging from hostels to hotels, Airbnbs, bed and breakfasts and much more. In the old town you will also find several hotels, including the famous Hotel St. Pauli, the historic Hotel Bremen and the beautiful Hotel Schönberg, as well as the luxurious Hotel Grosvenor and the Hotel Hochdorf in Gelsenkirchen.

The Hein-Reich-Heine-University Düsseldorf was founded as a research university at the beginning of the 20th century under the direction of Heinrich Hochdorf. The Helmholtz Society has a number of Max Planck institutes, including the National Institute for Nuclear Research (NINR) and the Institute for Nuclear Physics (INR). The list also includes 13 German technical universities, which officially have full university status and focus on engineering and natural sciences, although they do not cover the full spectrum of academic disciplines. They contain research-oriented universities and are among the highest rated universities in Germany and among the most renowned universities in the world.

In 1186 the counts of Berg forgot to rule Düsseldorf, but in 1280 they made it their own residence and in 1187 their second residence in the city.

Germany is the third largest exporter of goods and services in the world in 2014, and Düsseldorf industry contributes more than 40% of the total value added - the value added from German exports. The top 10 exports from Germany are food and beverages, pharmaceuticals, medical devices, electronics, auto parts and machinery. In the service sector, the service sector contributes to the export of more than half of all goods in Germany, as well as to a significant proportion of exports to other countries.

Düsseldorf is the seventh largest city in Germany and has 593,682 inhabitants, the majority of whom (5,93,692) are foreigners. Most of the company's founders come from Berlin, only Hamburg, Cologne, Hamburg - Stuttgart, Munich, Frankfurt and St. Pauli are behind them.

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