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Hyatt Hotels Corporation today announced the opening of the DussELDORF German Hyatt Hotel in Düsseldorf, Germany, the first of its kind in the world. The first hotel in Germany and the second in Europe's largest hotel chain, Hyatts Hotel Corporation announced today.

The opening marks Hyatt's first foray into the German-speaking market and the seventh property to join the independent collection brand in Europe. With the opening of the DussELDORF Germanhyatt Hotel in Düsseldorf, the first hotel of its kind in a world-class hotel chain and the sixth hotel in Germany's largest hotel chains, Hyatts has made its first foray into the German-speaking market.

The DussELDORF Germanhyatt Hotel in Düsseldorf, Germany's largest hotel chain and seventh property in the independent collection of the brand in Europe, comprises a total of 12,000 square meters of retail space and a further 1,500 square meters of office space.

The DussELDORF Germanhyatt Hotel in Düsseldorf, Germany's largest hotel chain and the seventh property in the brand's independent collection in Europe, was founded in 2012 and offers more than 75 locations in the USA, China and Puerto Rico. It is the largest Hyatt brand hotel in Germany and the second largest in Asia-Pacific. There are over 1,500 HyATT brand hotels in over 100 countries and territories worldwide, including hotels, resorts, restaurants, hotels and hotels - in residence, hotel suites and office space.

The DussELDORF Germanhyatt Hotel in Düsseldorf, Germany's largest hotel chain, has an exclusive spa area and is therefore one of the most popular destinations in the city. It also features a full-service fitness centre, a fitness centre, a spa and gym, as well as a gym, gym, fitness lounge and spa.

Guests have access to the hotel's exclusive private Art Concierge, which can show you all of the hotel's masterpieces and also provides a comprehensive list of surrounding museums and art galleries, including the Museum für Moderne Kunst Düsseldorf, the Kunstmuseum Berlin and the Bauhaus Museum. Guests have access to this and other art exhibitions at the Hotel DussELDORF Germanhyatt Hotel, while the hotel's exclusive private "Art Conciersge" can show guests all the masterpieces on display - which are exhibited in the houses and also offer a comprehensive list of nearby museums and art galleries, including: The Duschanbe Art Gallery, a Museum of Modern Art in Berlin, an Art Museum in the German capital and a Gallery of Contemporary Art.

Taxis are available at the hotel and you can also welcome them on the road between the Rhine Bridge and the Hotel DussELDORF Germanhyatt. To give members even more opportunities to reward, World Hyatt offers members the opportunity to earn 500 Wellem bonus points for every qualifying night spent at any of its hotels in the US, Canada and Europe. If you are lucky enough to have earned some of your World Hyatt Points with your WorldHyatt credit card, these points can be transferred to your Ultimate Rewards.

Would you like to receive additional benefits during your stay at Hyatt Regency Düsseldorf, including an upgrade to a new suite once you confirm your upgrade? You can redeem your Globalist Suite Upgrade Award to receive your Regencies Suite upgrade at the time of booking. Hyatt Diamond members receive 4 additional suite upgrades per year, which are used to upgrade to the Regency Suite King.

Guests staying at the hotel's Regency Club will receive a complimentary breakfast on the fourth day of their stay. In addition to the buffet, you can order an egg to your liking, and although you are not obliged to do so, this is a courtesy you can get from your hotel if you pay by credit card. You can also pay for your hotel with your Citi Prestige credit card, which will refund you the hotel you paid for the fourth night free of charge.

The brand of toiletries in the hotel is new, although I don't think I've seen it in any other hotel except the Hyatt. CapaSilan, Woell GmbH in Cologne, which is responsible for the entire interior design, was coated with a Q3 quality of the world's largest manufacturer of high-quality toiletries in Germany. According to HOAI, SOP architects (formerly JSK Düsseldorf) has gradually implemented 1.5% of the 1-5%.

With a few exceptions, the floor-to-ceiling panoramic windows of each room offer a breathtaking view of the Düsseldorf skyline. Some rooms have a cool view, but I enjoyed the part of the city more (below). The front desk staff member explained shortly afterwards how the hotel procedures were changed due to the coronavirus and also presented a sheet outlining the guidelines.

At the end of the headland, a playful architectural pavilion was created for the Neuer Zollhof on the other side of a harbour basin. It contrasts the reduced construction of these two towers and stands in contrast to the more modern and modern buildings in Düsseldorf city centre. The tasteful design is dominated by warm colours and decorations that playfully focus on nature and the future. The property is named after the famous artist and poet Friedrich Schiller, whose writings and works of art have made Dumont, the city and its surroundings the centre of culture and fine arts that it is today. This property was named in honor of his work and contributions to the development of this city.

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