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Düsseldorf, the desk city of the Ruhr area, is an art and fashion metropolis on the Rhine, but more than a business centre in Germany. It offers cultural and lifestyle opportunities that rival those of Hamburg and Munich. Note: This is the first in a series of articles about Dusseldorf Intercontinental Hotels in Germany and can be pre-ordered on our website.

It offers all the amenities that tourists and business people alike expect, with a wide range of services and amenities, as well as a modern and contemporary design. Eleven bright, modern rooms are equipped with beds and useful extras include a gym, fitness centre, indoor pool and spa, as well as a restaurant and bar.

Besides large, beautiful rooms, guests over 18 years of age are pampered at the Holmes Place Health and Fitness Club right next door. This is a modern hotel right on the waterfront of Media Harbour, and where better to relax than by the water? The time in the Finnish sauna is ideal for those who have spent the day visiting the complex, while there are many opportunities to secure a place on a terrace for the evening and enjoy the view over the whole city. The hotel is also fortunate to have the Rive Spa & Fitness at home, where guests have the opportunity to relax in their own Jacuzzis.

Visit the city's famous art collection, take a trip across the Rhine or watch the history from the castle. Guests can also enjoy a guided tour of the Düsseldorf Art Museum, the largest museum of its kind in Germany, and a visit to one of Germany's most famous museums.

On this website you will find a collection of resources, stories and images documenting the history of the Düsseldorf International Hotel Design Industry and its development. This website is an attempt to regain the spirit of the time when the international hotel design industry was still in its infancy. Today, the multi-billion dollar company is the largest hotel company in the world with more than 1,000 hotels in over 100 countries around the globe.

This luxurious hotel in Düsseldorf offers comfort facilities such as a fitness centre next door, which is both comfortable and stylish. The elegant hotel has a variety of private rooms from which guests can choose, contributing to an intimate and very refined atmosphere. This business hotel offers a wide range of amenities including a spa, fitness centre, restaurant and indoor pool.

The Lobby Lounge, located in the stunning stone and glass atrium, is the perfect place to relax and socialise with friends. Fine dining lovers can enjoy an excellent selection of traditional German dishes in the restaurant, while the indoor pool is a perfect place to relax. Bar 59 is also the ideal place for a relaxing evening, with a wine cellar being a stylish place where guests can taste wines from all over the world.

The hotel's signature LAW restaurant, which stands for land, air and water, offers guests and locals a Texas menu that gives them a taste of the best that the Lone Star State has to offer. In addition, the hotel bar OUTLAW Taproom is inspired by the concept of LAW and features Texan musicians as its main theme.

Syre is also a keen donor to the community and is proud of his famous Chef's Table, which is always a big fundraiser at local charity events. His love of food shines through every time he has time to introduce himself to new guests, and he does everything from his signature backflip in the kitchen to curbing team morale.

As someone who has been on the property before, I am always interested in what others have told me. As someone who has stayed at this property Before, as others have told me, and as a guest of the hotel for the last two years, I have been with someone before.

Mr. Prince is an architect by training, and what is incredible to me is that he doesn't have the big budget that most designers have today.

Mr. Prince has channeled his own passions from all of this into a philosophy of international branding that remains true to his original vision when he developed the philosophy of hotel and restaurant design that is now visible in hotels around the world. These elements come together to build on Mr. Prince's skills, which were later recognised for his ability to design hotels, restaurants and interiors. This new standard is supported by the trust we place in our guests when they stay at an IHG hotel. In addition to expanding the design, Prince is using the InterContinental brand and its iconic logo and design to be seen as a new source of local business.

In particular, we stress that the information available on this website should not be interpreted as professional advice from an international interior designer. All information in our archive and from other sources is reviewed and carefully reviewed before we act in any way. The reader assumes no responsibility for actions that are carried out on the basis of the information received. We are open to making health and safety a priority in all our hotels by following local and international hygiene regulations.

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More About Dusseldorf