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Developers are pushing for every available plot of land to be given residential space, penthouses and luxury apartments are in high demand in Düsseldorf and can fetch even higher square meter prices. Real estate offers a wide range of options, from used buildings to saleable homes, villas, apartments and houses, all of which are rated in a variety of price ranges from very low to very high prices.

Anyone who owns a property in Germany can also benefit from their investment long after they have left the country. The rental market is strong and buying a house or apartment is an option to consider if you plan to stay in Germany for more than a few years. There is a wide range of rental options in Düsseldorf and other parts of Germany, and you may be lucky to have benefited from your investments long before you leave.

If you are looking for the term real estate agent in Düsseldorf, you can also try Google. If you want more information about the different rental options in the city and other parts of Germany, then have a look at our Facebook group.

In Germany, the execution of a contract is carried out by a notary, and here is a large list of notaries in Düsseldorf in English. In Germany, you call an estate agent, but it is advisable to take one who knows the ins and outs of the market and the rule of law. German notaries are obliged to oblige you to understand the interpretation of your German sales contract and to have a suitable interpreter at your side when signing it.

Even if you are already in the city, you can register with an estate agent and on the website of the real estate agency Düsseldorf you will find many interesting offers in German and English. If you are interested in buying a property in Düsseldorf, the neubau kompass is a good place to go for new-build apartments and houses. This special construction site has the ability to build new houses for you and your DUSSELDorf together with an architect.

If you are thinking about selling a property in Düsseldorf, Engel & Volkers estate agents offer you a wide range of real estate offers for sale. Click on this link to find out whether you are already offering your property to buyers or whether you would like to purchase a second-hand property for yourself and your Duesseldorf. Before you rent or buy a house in Dusseldorf, you should first check the quality of the property, its condition and the security of your property. Make sure you get a well-balanced purchase contract that provides the basis for a safe purchase and proceed carefully now.

To find out whether a real estate company in Düsseldorf is really worth it, you should search the internet for real estate companies in the city. Realtors from Engel & Volkers are always on the move when it comes to selling a property in their area. Their website lists all the properties and they help you find a home for you and your family in one of the most desirable areas of your city, such as the city centre, the old town or the suburbs.

In contrast, Engel & Volkers estate agents sell condominiums, villas and apartments to those who prefer a more modern and contemporary style of living, such as in the city centre or the old town. Their stately villa is being put up for sale in one of Düsseldorf's most sought-after areas, the suburb of Lorick.

On the right bank of the Rhine, villas, houses and apartments are also for sale in Lohausen, Kaiserswerth, Wittlaer, Kalkum and Angermund, which are offered by the estate agents Engel & Volkers. Alt Meerbusch is one of the most sought-after residential areas in Düsseldorf - and real estate seekers expect a village environment from it. The houses or apartments here meet high standards, especially in the residential area. In addition to the city center and the old town, residential plots can also be purchased on the outskirts.

If you are moving to Düsseldorf because you really like it slower, then an apartment in Angermund is a good bet, which is undoubtedly more homely and lively than looking for a supervised apartment through an agent, especially if you do not speak German. German estate agents have English-language websites, so before you go, look for independent valuations from an estate agent.

The sale of a property in Germany is relatively cheap, with the buyer bearing the bulk of the transaction costs. This guide will guide you through the process of buying a German property, from looking for a flat in Germany to signing a contract. You can find out more about renting in this sector in the Expatica guide to renting a home nationwide.

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More About Dusseldorf