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The streets are a great place to sample Bavarian treats after a long day of shopping, and there are many shops in the city of Düsseldorf, Germany, with beautiful streets and scenic views to stroll through. Take a look at some of the leading German and international brands in DussELDORF and see for yourself the wide selection of clothing, accessories and accessories from all leading German and global brands.

The Engelchenmarkt is only a short walk away and takes about 45 minutes, but if you have young people in tow, the Düsseldorf market is definitely a must. This picturesque location with a view of the Hofgarten is something you should not miss on your DussELDORF Christmas tour! The way to the Bochum Christmas Market in DÜSSELDORF: This takes about 15 minutes and takes place in the city center of Boachum, only a few blocks away from the Duisburg Christmas Market. From there it is reachable on foot in 10 minutes or by car in about 20 minutes.

Directions to the Christmas market in Düsseldorf: Depending on the train, this takes about 45 minutes to one hour. Directions to the Cologne Christmas Markets in Düsseldorf: If you want to experience the best Christmas markets Cologne has to offer, you should definitely visit Cologne! You are in Cologne in about 20 minutes, or you drive in 45 minutes and are in Cologne in 30 minutes.

Read on to see why Düsseldorf should be next on your list for the ultimate shopping destination! Closer : Learn more about the city in our upcoming book "German Shopping Guide to the World's Greatest Shopping Destinations"!

If you want to spice up your visit to the Christmas markets in Düsseldorf, the tourist office offers a two-hour guided tour that leads to a festive stroll through the old town. If you want to visit in July and enjoy a taste of the regional heritage, you should head to the Rhine, where one of Germany's oldest and most famous Christmas markets is located.

This confectionery is located in two different locations in Düsseldorf, one of which is the Ko Galerie in the Königsallee shopping centre.

The shop is known for amateur retro fashion from all over Germany and is often visited by collectors. Even more beautiful is that the Christmas market opens here on the same day as most other parts of Germany, including the longest - which opened in mid-November. The main market in Munich opens on November 19, the one in Düsseldorf from November 22. So make sure to visit the best Christmas markets in and around DÜSSELDORF before they close for Christmas.

Meanwhile, Schattenstraße is also known as one of the busiest shopping streets in Germany and is also close to Königsallee. Sendlinger Straße also begins at Marienplatz and is a family-run specialty shop. Schadowstraße, known for its "Germany's shopping mile," does its best to challenge Königsallee, but of course still attracts the most buyers.

The first shopping street in Frankfurt is Schadowstraße, which borders Königsallee and is one of the most popular shopping streets in Frankfurt.

If you are looking for a specific location for the Düsseldorf Christmas Market, click here to download a simple map of the wintry activities in the city and a list of the best Christmas markets in Germany. At that time we had our little holiday in Dumont and could travel to Frankfurt, the second largest city in Germany, for the first time.

It is not only the economic centre of Germany, but also a centre for cultural activities and fashion. What really sets this market apart is that Düsseldorf is located in the region that is one of the easiest to reach in Germany and one of the second largest in Europe after Frankfurt. As I said, the best thing about visiting the Christmas market in Duisselderorf is that it is a rarity. We will explain our must-see in detail - check out the Christmas markets later and we strongly recommend you do so.

The art in Düsseldorf takes place all year round, shows emerging artists and attracts followers from all over the world. The city even has its own art fairs and galleries at other times, but the art in DÜSSELDorf really takes place during the Christmas market season, as it presents some of the best emerging artists and most popular artists in Germany and attracts followers from all over the world. If you are wondering when the Duisburg Christmas Market will be open, the most important dates and times are listed here. Please note that Christmas markets in Düsseldorf are very crowded at this time of year and the hotel prices are very eye-catching - So don't book too early if you're learning the hard way! Markets open on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, which may explain their relative ease and lack of crowds.

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