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Düsseldorf - Fortuna Düsseldorf Infront has turned to Orthomol to acquire its latest venture to join the association. The DKB Handball Bundesliga celebrated its 100th anniversary on Saturday, 4 June, with a 2: 0 victory against DFB Cup winner Werder Bremen.

After spending most of the season in the top flight over the past 50 years, Bochum now plays its home Bundesliga games at Vonovia Ruhrstadion, which has a capacity of 1.5 million and can accommodate 60,000 spectators. It was packed with 50,000 spectators on match days and was one of the host stadiums during the 2006 World Cup.

If you have just arrived in Düsseldorf, you can get an idea of the city you live in during a Fortuna game, and with tickets starting at 13 euros, that is no problem. Those who are lucky enough to have a ticket can go into the game without beer or sausage and soak up the atmosphere. The train ride to the Ruhr Stadium takes about 40 minutes from Duen, so for a day trip to the Schauinsland Reisen Arena including lunch and a few beers you get 20 dollars change, while tickets for the home game against Borussia Mönchengladbach in the Bochum Arena are available from 7 euros. You will also be rewarded with free entry to all home games, which means that you should play even if they are on the same day as the away match.

Just 30 km from Düsseldorf, a day in Borussia Park should be on the to-do list of a Trivago employee.

If you feel like going to a gym in Düsseldorf, we have compiled a complete guide to help you compare prices and choose the gym that best suits your needs. If you are looking for a little more local flair, you should take a look at the AFC DÜSSELDORF Bulldozer, which has a record of 4: 2: 1 in the last five games and is one of the most successful football teams in the country. And if you are interested in joining the club, visit the club's website to find out more about joining a team.

In this article I wrote about the Düsseldorf Bulldozer basketball team, which I know one or two things because of my basketball connections in the city. I have also discussed the basketball teams in more detail, so I suggest you read it.

The Trivago local association Fortuna Düsseldorf, founded in 1895, plays in the Esprit Arena, which is only a drive away from my office in Rhine. Duisburg is close to the Trivago Club (or "FortunA") in Dumfries, and you can even take the underground line to and from the stadium.

The massive Bayer headquarters employs many locals, just as it has since 1904, when the company decided to found its own sports club, the "Spielverein der Farbenfabriken vorm." The club became one of the top clubs in German football, winning the German Cup in '93 and reaching the semi-finals of the Champions League, where it was beaten by Real Madrid. Europa position, having won the league five times and consistently promoted it, has secured a strong fan base in the North Rhine-Westphalia league. The playing club, the "FarbenFabriken" ("vorm") has developed into a very successful club with a long history of success in the German top flight.

If you don't feel like doing more sports, you can also search the city directory for German sports. The German language is no reason to be afraid, as many of the boys are very familiar with the local sports scene and the various sports clubs in the area.

For athletics fans, it's an adrenaline-pumping event, with elite athletes coming to the stadium to compete. There are numerous public swimming pools in Düsseldorf and the region, whether you want to take a spin, relax in a spa or take part in one of the aqua fitness classes.

Dortmund are the second most successful team in Germany, having won both the Bundesliga and the Champions League this year. The Cologne fans are among the most loyal in the Bundesliga, and the stadium is always full. Sports fans come to Düsseldorf to watch their favourite sports such as football, basketball, football and tennis. These events take place in the city centre as it has such great facilities and a fantastic crowd, making it a popular destination for sports fans.

Cologne has a strong rivalry with Düsseldorf, which has spent much of the last decades in the lower leagues and even was relegated to the fourth division in the early 2000s. Cologne has a long history of success in the highest German league, the Bundesliga, with a number of successful teams such as Bayern Munich, Borussia Dortmund and Bayer Leverkusen, while Duisburg, Hamburg and Schalke share the title of the second most successful team in German football in recent years and Cologne maintains a good relationship with the city centre and its sports fans, especially football fans.

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