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Savvy travellers know that autumn travel is a smart choice across Europe, and Düsseldorf is no exception. While some months are simply better than others, depending on the things you want to do in and around DÜSSELdorf, it is always a good time to visit the city. Although holiday in Germany has a certain undeniable charm, there are fewer first-class holiday destinations.

Travellers who want to experience the splendour of Düsseldorf can visit Germany while still maintaining a reasonable budget, as hotel, air and car rental prices are relatively low. An ice train is recommended for the journey between Amsterdam and DÜSSELDORF, but hotel accommodation, car rental and prices must be budgeted for especially in summer.

If you are travelling by plane, find out how to get from Düsseldorf Weeze Airport to the city centre and book your ticket for entry. If you are flying from Frankfurt Airport (FRA - IATA), Lufthansa offers a one-way ticket connection, and you can also take a direct high-speed train from Cologne to Frankfurt. There is also the possibility to fly from Amsterdam to Duesseldorf or to take the direct high-speed trains from Frankfurt airport, Fra-IATA, but also between Cologne and Frankfurt in Germany and between Amsterdam and Cologne in the Netherlands.

Depending on how fast you want to move, you can see the best of Düsseldorf in a few hours or days. To help you make the most of your time in DÜSSELDorf, we have included some of the activities we recommend in this map. The preparation of your itinerary for D USselderorf for the above reasons is a good start, but be sure to check out the other "Dus SELDORF facts" that we consider important for any traveller in the city.

If you need to travel from Düsseldorf Airport (DUS) to Weeze Airport (NRN), Deutsche Bahn is the easiest and fastest alternative. Travelling by train or tram directly to the state allows you to travel from the airport across the country. This is also the least expensive option for the journey, which takes less than 30 minutes. There are also a number of other options, such as the DussELDORF train station or the train station.

This is a great option in Düsseldorf if you are planning a longer stay, but make sure you see it on a day or a nice day. Those who end their short stopover in DussELDORF can pack some good things to eat during their stay in and around DussELDORF.

One of the newest restaurants in Düsseldorf is the Paris Club, which opened just a few days before our visit to DussELDORF. After a day in the surprisingly Asian side of DÜSSELDorf we finished the evening with a nice dinner in the restaurant for which the city is known, the French Club.

The Kiefernstraße is not only a popular destination for tourists, but also a great place to do something in Düsseldorf. This is the heart of our city, and it is a historic feeling that is completely at odds with the modern city centre. The best thing to see and do in DussELDORF Germany is to make it part of your travel planning.

A good recommendation for those who want to do something in Düsseldorf is a boat trip on the Rhine. A visit to the Rhine Tower has easily become one of the city's top activities. If you do one thing in Rhine, you can't do better than drive directly into the city and enjoy its charm. The section of the Rhine Terrace Steps near Burgplatz is the best place to enjoy the sunset in DussELDORF. This is a good place for a sunset walk and a great way to enjoy the sunsets.

One of the areas you want to visit on your trip to Düsseldorf is the entertainment arena in the centre of Düsseldorf, Burgplatz. It has a lot to offer in terms of entertainment arenas and a great place to bring modern and old DUESELDORF together.

The culinary soul food tour through Düsseldorf is offered in both German and English and takes about three hours to explore the halls of Düsseldorf's Old Town. If you prefer to explore Germany on your own, a breathtaking tour of the Old Town and its historic buildings awaits you. Take a look at this when you go on a city tour of the old town.

The Nordpark is also north of Düsseldorf and is worth a stop if you want to visit Kaiserswerth. On the second day, we will focus on some of the more interesting things to see and do in the city, with an emphasis on the old town and some things that are much more traditional. We start in the old town, we start in Kaiserwerh, a small town located about half an hour from the city center.

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More About Dusseldorf